LED video wall

A high-resolution welcome

Casino de Trois-Rivières

Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, 2020 

More than 15 years after its installation, the video wall in the front lobby of the Casino de Trois-Rivières no longer captured the prestigious experience the casino wished to provide its guests.  

The casino administration called upon the XYZ team once again to give the LED video wall a makeover and upgrade to the latest technology.


The XYZ team swapped out the old low-resolution screen with a new system measuring 5.5 metres high by 5 metres wide and boasting an incredibly vivid 2.5-mm resolution. 

The result was remarkable, delivering sharp contrasts, exemplary colour accuracy and unparalleled image quality. Plus, its user-friendly interface meant that casino employees could update the content quickly and easily.  

This particular system was selected by XYZ because it fit easily into the existing space, making the need for any architectural adjustments minimal and thereby keeping project costs and transition time low. A custom-made rigging adapter was used to set up the screen based on the original architectural specifications from 15 years earlier.  

The entire operation was completed in less than 4 days, without interrupting the flow of traffic into and within the casino. 


  • Video
  • Rigging


Technical design
Equipment supply
Calibration and programming