Audiovisual Integration

A High-Tech Journey into the Heart of Scientific

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Ottawa, Ontario, 2018

The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa pays tribute to two centuries of some of the country’s most amazing discoveries and inventions. Following recent renovations to the museum, GSM Project called upon the experts at XYZ Cultural Technology to oversee the audiovisual integration of three of its eleven new permanent exhibitions, namely Into the Great Outdoors, Sound by Design and Steam: A World in Motion. These interactive experiences aim to give visitors insight into the innovations that have helped cement Canada’s reputation and identity as a technology leader.


Inspired by the diversity of the immersive experiences presented at the museum, the team at XYZ Cultural Technology led the audiovisual integration for three separate exhibitions.

Into the Great Outdoors boasts the world’s largest collection of bicycles. The giant screens and rich soundscapes in the installations let visitors explore the interaction between transportation technology and outdoor fun that has helped shape the country’s identity in every season.

Sound by Design showcases 150 years of musical and acoustic technology. The installation immerses visitors in different arrays of sound that vary depending on their spatial position, an effect made possible by a series of motion detection–enabled cameras. Each station in this fun, learning-oriented exhibition offers a unique auditory and sensory experience.

For Steam: A World in Motion, touchscreens allow visitors to understand just how much of an impact steam power had on 20th-century transportation. The audiovisual and lighting design integrated into the displays, built around actual locomotives, make visitors feel like they are being whisked away to another time and place.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control systems
  • Interactivity


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