Audiovisual integration and interactive programming

Citizens and the Canadian Economy

Bank of Canada Museum

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2017

Canada’s Currency Museum has been completely revamped and is now called the Bank of Canada Museum. This museum, located in the Bank of Canada’s headquarters, has a mission to publicize the Bank’s policies and functions, to understand the workings of the Canadian economy and the role of citizens at the heart of the Bank. The museum also highlights an impressive numismatic collection. When the directors of the Bank of Canada decided to completely restore the head office, they entrusted GSM Project with redesigning the permanent exhibition by rethinking the visitor experience. The exhibition designers mandated XYZ’s expertise to integrate audiovisual equipment and develop interactive stations that help popularize this arid subject.


Understanding complex economic mechanisms is central to the Bank of Canada Museum’s permanent exhibit proposal. To do this, the designers of GSM Project have imagined an attractive space, including several immersive and interactive stations. Audio and video technologies, as well as lighting, play a prominent role in the visitor experience. Each person is accompanied by a personalized avatar that they program themselves at the beginning of their journey. Navigation by station eases the subject and ludifies the experience.

XYZ experts have integrated and programmed the entire audiovisual system, consisting of several video screens and touch screens including a huge interactive wall at the entrance. At the heart of the space, the team provided the programming and video mapping of a multimedia show that links the different functions of the Bank of Canada. The team also took charge of some of the exhibition lighting programming.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control systems
  • Interactivity


Technical direction
Equipment supply


GSM Project

Lighting Design


Fabrication of Furniture