Connected teaching equipment

Optimize learning

Laval University

Quebec, Canada, 2017

After $ 8.5 million worth of work, the premises of Laval University’s Faculty of Dentistry have been revamped and provide students with high-tech and user-friendly equipment. Two clinical learning laboratories allow prospective dentists to practice on ultra-realistic simulators while following the teachers’ instructions on individual monitors. A multifunctional room for collaborative education has also been inaugurated to offer distance training and conferences. XYZ’s expertise was required to equip the new premises with state-of-the-art connected teaching equipment.


XYZ’s experts have equipped the two labs at Laval’s University Faculty of Dentistry with cameras that provide high-definition broadcast at each of the 120 workstations. This system allows students to follow teacher instructions while doing various manipulations individually. Teachers can easily control state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment from an operation interface developed by XYZ programmers. The team also installed the capture and broadcast equipment of the multifunctional room.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control systems


Supply equipment
Calibration and programming


Laval University