Video wall

Dynamic control screens

Cirque Éloize

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2017

At the heart of Quebec’s cultural landscape for more than 25 years, Cirque Éloize has carved out a place in the international entertainment industry. A brilliant mix of music, poetry, theater and technology is highlighted in colorful performances. The cultural institution located in the former Dalhousie Station rents its studios for various prestigious events such as weddings, galas, etc. Cirque Éloize was looking for an innovative way to communicate with employees and visitors during artist rehearsals or corporate events in the Lobby, while giving the reception a breath of fresh air. By responding to a call for tenders from the circus, XYZ Cultural technology made a counter-proposal to respond more optimally to the stated needs. This was accepted from the outset by the technical director of the circus.


XYZ’s experts have installed a video wall with four 55’’ ultra-slim HD screens at Cirque Éloize’s reception. It is possible to broadcast synchronized content on all four screens at the same time. The four video images can also be independent of each other and form an algorithm with unlimited possibilities. The video installation offers customized content, schedule and frequency management, which is facilitated by a user-friendly interface. The user is therefore able to define the contents broadcast in the four HD display readers according to the event by means of a cellular telephone or a computer.

The main challenge of this integration was related to the synchronization of screens at the control interface on a mobile device. Real-time content delivery required tight and careful coordination from the programmers and technicians assigned to the mandate. With this new video wall installed prominently above the reception, Cirque Éloize has acquired an original and state-of-the-art tool for the delivery of long-range messages.


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Video wall programming with custom content management


Cirque Éloize