Multimedia Exhibition

State of Alert

Bagotville Air Defence Museum

Bagotville, Québec, Canada, 2013

The Royal Canadian Air Forces military base in Bagotville is part of NORAD and, as such, is a major strategic element of the Canadian Armed Forces. With the goal of familiarizing tourists and the general population with the history and role of Canadian air defence, the Bagotville Museum called on XYZ to revamp the interpretive experience associated with its collection of fighter planes. The mandate also included giving the Museum boutique a visual signature as well as creating a short film to show in the Museum’s small projection room.


Setting up a multimedia exhibit route in the commemorative park around the museum, XYZ designed an iPad experience that integrates new techniques, including multimedia marker start-up , augmented reality and GPS positioning. Visitors are invited to scan different markers (with the iPad camera) positioned near specific aircraft all along the exhibit. The video clips automatically start up to relay facts about each aircraft or its pilot. Further along, from the top of a 10-metre lookout, visitors point their iPad camera at different aircraft on the ground and additional information for the selected aircraft is superimposed on their screen.

Under the tent, virtual 3D artefacts are presented via the augmented reality experience. A collection of aviator helmets and other objects found on a military base that come to life through the eye of the iPad. These animated 3D elements “magically” come to life, offering the visitor a new and entertaining experience.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Interactivity
  • Stage design


Designer / General contractor
Audiovisual, scenic and lighting design
Project management, Technical management
On site installation
Programming and system tuning


Bagotville Air Defence Museum