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Expo Live Pavilion

Universal Expo Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 2021

Located in the heart of EXPO2020 Dubai, the EXPO LIVE pavilion is an active way for those seeking support for their projects to give real meaning to their journey. The pavilion is the home of Expo Live to showcase and define social innovation with measurable impact. This playful, multi-disciplinary zone is an emotional field of discovery that resonates with the diverse and creative nature of the innovator community and their projects. 

XYZ Technologies is proud to have been actively involved since the concept design and installation, providing around-the-clock 180-day management, maintenance and technical support. 3D mapping and blending techniques are applied to the immersive cinematic introduction to Expo Live and various other exhibits to seamlessly blend the video contents with organically shaped walls and printed graphics, and to match the shapes of the exhibit furniture.


The visitor experience is further enhanced by fully synchronized lighting features, directional and surround speakers, and building automation with Show Control. Installation and commissioning of various multi-sensory, self-automated AV interactive exhibits and integration of proximity sensors with immersive theatrical lighting and sound experience where visitors were invited to touch and support initiatives of their choice. 

A fully automated digital auditorium/video conference room with a micropixel display wall LED, a trustworthy monitor, multiple PTZ cameras and microphones controlled by well-known DSP, video and control processors. The conferencing system was seamlessly combined with the live video broadcast system for the transmission of more than 60 live video conferences and panel discussions. 

We had excellent cooperation with all stakeholders of the project EXPO LIVE to achieve the goal of “zero downtime”. 


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control systems


Technical direction
Technical Development
Equipment supply
Calibration and programming
Operations and maintenance


Icaria Atelier


XYZ Technologies


Exhibition Fit Out Contractor: Alec Fitout