Sound System for Theatre Hall

High-End Audio System

Lionel-Groulx Theatre

Sainte-Therese, Quebec, Canada, 2017

The Lionel Groulx’s theatre is a hall of 807 seats, located in the Lionel Groulx’s college; a public institution of higher education. Very busy all year round, the theatre offers a diverse programming: singing, dancing, music, theater and humor. The theatre has undergone major renovations in 2016 in order to update its installations and equip it with cutting edge technology. The hall managers have used XYZ’s expertise for the integration of a high-end audio system with sound speakers of the latest generation.


The experts at XYZ have designed and installed a sound system that has line array speakers, monitors and front fill speakers of the Adamson brand, a Canadian leader in the audio industry. The result speaks for itself; due to a discreet but powerful solution that ensures a perfect sound no matter the type of show that is presented. Thanks to this improvement, the theatre can now offer artists and students a sound environment to match their creativity.


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