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Illumination of downtown Matane

Matane City

Matane, Quebec, 2019

As part of the third edition of the participatory budget of the city of Matane, the citizens chose to select an illumination project for the downtown area.  

This participatory public vote expressed the will of the inhabitants to magnify the treasures of their urban heritage and to sublimate the local gathering points in their city. 

Two main buildings in the downtown area, the Joseph-Rouleau cultural complex and the CLSC, have thus benefited from the enhancement of their facades through the addition of a high-quality lighting system. 

The mission entrusted to XYZ was to design and integrate new lighting installations for the 2 facades, without distorting their respective unique character. The equipment also had to blend into the architectural lines of both buildings, in order to remain as unobtrusive as possible during the day.


Joseph-Rouleau Cultural Complex 

The approach behind this project was to create a lighting display intended to sublimate the artworks and exhibitions presented in the upper gallery of the center. 

A series of over 100 high quality, corrosion resistant and robust projectors were installed in direct view. This strategic positioning of the fixtures was chosen to compliment the modern architecture of the building.   



XYZ teams installed a series of 36 classic multi-color floodlights that illuminate the building from the bottom up. This choice allows the multiple architectural details of the façade to stand out and it also enhances the height of the building. 

Through an ingenious remote-control system, the lighting can be modified to emphasize certain events. Thus, some sixty dates such as Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Day can be highlighted by distinct lighting effects. 

The main challenge was to create custom-made mounting bases anchored to the ground, so as not to alter the building. The selected spotlights had to be perfectly adapted to their environment and be able to withstand the particularly windy weather conditions of the city. 

The municipality gave XYZ Technologies carte blanche in the process of designing and integrating the lighting systems for both buildings. Our teams were able to demonstrate their inventiveness and ingenuity in order to make this project coherent, while still respecting a reasonable budget. 

Both projects were unanimously welcomed by the client, but also by the population who were delighted with the embellishment of their city’s downtown.


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