Teaching AV equipment

Firemen well trained

Montreal Fire Department

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2018

The Montreal Fire Department training centre provides information tools for first responders. As a result, the centre ensures that recruits, experienced firefighters and officers receive technical upgrading courses to renew their knowledge of fire safety. In redesigning the classrooms at the training centre, the City called upon the expertise of XYZ Cultural Technology to update their audiovisual equipment.


The XYZ team has sold, installed and programmed classroom equipment. Display screens, interactive video projectors and a wireless transmission system have been integrated into the training rooms, some offices and meeting rooms. The reception has also been equipped with a digital signage system to broadcast public service announcements. The team made sure to agree on a rigorous schedule so the deployment of the installation would cause the least harm to the activities of the place.

The training centre of the Fire Department Service now has a high-performance audiovisual system with standardized and user-friendly interfaces. Up-to-date classrooms are now ready to welcome firefighters while avoiding the hassle of audio-visual logistics.


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