AV System & Equipment

Community Amphitheatre

Jean-Daigle Centre

Edmundston, Canada, 2017

The Jean Daigle Centre, the Amphitheatre in Edmundston, was inaugurated in October 2017. It holds a capacity of 2,400 seats around the ice rink and 3,700 people can take part in shows. It is possible to configure the space in 3 different ways, depending on the needs of the event. The Community Amphitheatre is designed to host major shows, trade shows, various cultural and community events, sports competitions and ice activities. The expertise of XYZ Cultural Technology was required to ensure part of the integration of the audiovisual equipment.


The XYZ team provided complete sound for the whole building, including the installation of the speakers, the console and the audio distribution system. The team has also integrated video signage screens, the video distribution system, tracking lights and equipment for the scoring system (siren, goal lamp, boards in the rooms). In addition, XYZ experts have integrated the AV network infrastructure and programmed the complete AV control system. The Jean Daigle Centre now has, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control systems


Equipment supply
Calibration and programming


City of Edmunston