Audiovisual equipment

Multipurpose rooms


Montreal, QC, Canada, 2022

The Mondou team seized the opportunity of relocating their headquarters to rethink all the audiovisual installations in its new premises. They entrusted XYZ Technologies with the responsibility of managing this project, which included several components that fall within the competence of our experts. Thus, our team was entrusted with the design, integration and programming required to complete this job. XYZ was also the supplier of the equipment and continues to support Mondou with a maintenance service.


This project represented an ambitious change for Mondou, as it involved the renovation of 18 multifunction rooms in the same timeframe. Among these, fifteen were conference rooms. Additionally, there was a gym, a cafeteria, and a yoga room.

Thanks to the expertise of XYZ and a trusting collaboration with the contractor from the very beginning, the project for Mondou’s new multifunctional rooms was successfully completed.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control systems


Project management
Technical direction
Technical design
Equipment supplier