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Montreal Biodome – Space for Life

Montreal, Québec, 2020

The Montréal Biodôme is a place of wonder, learning, research and education about conservation and the environment. Together, the Biodôme, Jardin botanique, Planétarium and Insectarium form Space for Life, the largest natural science museum complex in Canada.  

This isn’t the first time the XYZ team has partnered with Space for Life. Following two years’ worth of renovations and enhancements begun in 2018, the Biodôme called upon XYZ to incorporate multimedia elements into the new Bio-machine exhibition. The revitalized experience at the Biodôme is now multisensory and far more immersive than before 

The experts at XYZ were contacted once again in 2020 to update the lighting system in the Biodôme’s aquariums and vivariums.  


The lighting system at the Biodôme requires special attention to simulate the natural lighting of each ecosystem as closely as possible.  

XYZ was asked to provide and install a water- and moisture-resistant system that would not alter the temperature and environment of the aquariums and vivariums. Our experts opted for 20Graze Compact Powercore luminaires and 30eW Burst Powercore gen2 luminaires from Color Kinetics. The units were custom-made to the specifications of the Biodôme’s habitat specialists, operating at 5700 degrees Kelvin to replicate the light levels fish and reptiles are exposed to in nature.  

This solution developed by the lighting designer at Octochrome and put forward by XYZ will help maintain optimal living conditions within the Biodôme ecosystems while maximizing the visitor experience at various wildlife observation points. 


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