Scenic and landscape lighting

An Unforgettable Hawaiian Experience

Royal Lahaina Resort

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaï, 2019

A luau is an oceanfront entertainment experience featuring traditional Hawaiian dancing and a delicious feast of local favourites. The Royal Lahaina is known for putting on one of the most spectacular luaus on the island of Maui, captivating hundreds of guests every night. The luxury resort called on XYZ to upgrade the staging equipment that had long outlived its useful life.


The XYZ team was responsible for designing, supplying and installing a new custom audiovisual system that could withstand the effects of salt air, rain, sand and wind. We carefully worked out every aspect of the job to ensure installation work did not interfere with the nightly performances. The result: a brand-new, state-of-the-art system that made it possible to shine this revered custom in a new light.

Extensive R&D coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the equipment meant that the final product exceeded the client’s expectations, even on a limited budget. This is our third project of this kind in Maui, helping to position XYZ as an authority in using the latest technology to breathe new life into time-honoured traditions. Our expertise and experience set us apart from other providers and are helping to raise the bar in terms of artistic excellence and technological innovation.


  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Control systems


Technical direction
Equipment supply
Calibration and programming