LED Display

Sports Scoreboard

Centre Pierre-Charbonneau

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2016

The Pierre-Charbonneau Centre is an indoor sports complex built in 1957 near the current site of Montreal’s Olympic Park. It offers a wide range of programming including recreational and cultural activities, as well as sporting events. The sports scoreboard in the Pierre-Charbonneau Centre gymnasium, installed in 1976 for the Olympic Games, needed to be replaced. The management of the sports complex mandated XYZ Cultural Technology for the task.


The old gymnasium scoreboard in the Pierre-Charbonneau Centre was suspended on a steel frame. The sports centre managers wanted to keep the frame in the interests of saving time and reducing costs. The main technical challenge was therefore to integrate a new LED scoreboard into the existing structure. XYZ Cultural Technology’s technicians had to cut up the original case in order to insert the LED tiles.

The scoreboard maintains its original charm, with a brighter and sharper definition. The LED screen measures 5.12 m by 1.28 m, with a 16 mm pitch. Communication between the console controller and the display is wireless.


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Calibration and programing


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