Audiovisual equipment upgrades

Theatrical sound and lighting system

Théâtre Marcellin-Champagnat

Laval, Quebec, Canada, 2021

Théâtre Marcellin-Champagnat is a modern, multipurpose performance venue known for its uniquely warm and versatile space, ideal for artistic, corporate and professional events of all kinds.  

The 749-seat hall opened in 2004 and has since been the backdrop for a wide range of artistic and cultural activities, including dance, music, theatre and comedy.  

In an effort to continue to offer an exceptional acoustic and stage experience complete with state-of-the-art facilities, the theatre asked the experts at XYZ to upgrade its audiovisual equipment. This included the supply and installation of a brand-new sound and lighting system.  


Our team custom-designed a sound solution to maximize acoustic coverage for the entire theatre.  

High-performance speakers were suspended above the stage, facing the audience at the balcony level, in order to effectively channel the sound and deliver outstanding audio quality to every seat. These enhancements have reduced echoes and substantially improved the overall acoustics.  

Seven subwoofers recessed into the stage have also contributed to the even distribution of sound throughout the venue.  

This new configuration has helped optimize sound quality and limit reverberations, with impressive results.  

XYZ also contributed to the stage lighting system. The new console supplied by our experts allows the theatre’s team to control multiple motorized projectors and adapt the output to a variety of live shows and performances.


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