Visitor Center

Tribute to Emirati Heroes

Wahat Al Karama

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2017

Wahat Al Karama (the Oasis of Dignity) is a place of remembrance that pays tribute to the soldiers and other Emiratis who sacrificed their lives for their nation.  A beautiful and imposing location on the edge of the great Sheikh Zayed Mosque; it includes the outer memorial that has 31 huge aluminum panels, the memorial square, the pavilion of honor and the visitor center, main reception area. The visitor center houses an interactive experience that relates the story of the memorial and the heroes of the United Arab Emirates. The general contractor at the Wahat Al Karama visitor center, Hypsos Middle East, has mandated the XYZ Cultural Technology team to provide audiovisual integration, show control programming and the production of an interactive installation.


Designed by the Thinkwell Experiential Design firm, the Wahat al Karama Visitor Centre path consists of four galleries, a temporary one, a lobby and a boutique. Each of the galleries provides a strong multimedia content. In the first gallery, different tablets and tactile terminals as well as an interactive swimming pool are available to visitors. The second gallery features an audio and video system as well as miniature reproductions of the memorial tablets that help visitors understand the texts on the outer shelves in an interactive manner. In the third gallery, an immersive show is featured on a curved video wall. On each side of the main screen, are interactive screens that are activated between performances of the show.

The XYZ experts have integrated and programmed all the audiovisual equipment of the Wahat Al Karama Visitor Centre; in addition to programming the system for controlling and disseminating the overall experience. The team has also created an interactive installation at the heart of the path.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control systems
  • Interactivity


Equipment supply
Calibration and programming





General contractor

Hypsos Middle East

Interactive programming

Réalisations Inc.