XYZ now an authorized dealer of ETC lighting products

Eclairage ETC revendeur Montreal
9 February 2017 | Category

Renowned for its exceptional audiovisual integration projects, Montréal-based XYZ Cultural Technology is now an authorized dealer for the prestigious U.S. brand ETC, world leader in lighting.

After several months spent demonstrating the quality of its integration team and solid organization, XYZ Cultural Technology has officially been invited by ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.) to join the exclusive ranks of its authorized distributors. Joe DiNardo, Regional Manager for ETC, explains that “it is very difficult to become an ETC dealer, but once you’re on board, you have the backing of our Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing force. We were very impressed with how XYZ presented themselves and we are very proud to welcome them as partners.”

ETC: Industry leader

Founded more than 40 years ago in the United States by two brothers, Bill and Fred Foster, ETC quickly established itself as a global leader in show and architectural lighting, lighting consoles and rigging equipment. The company’s award-winning lighting products are recognized for their design quality and innovation. In addition, ETC has built a reputation for industry-leading technical and customer service. They develop lighting solutions for any type of venues, large or small, in churches, hotels, restaurants and schools, as well as casinos, theme parks, theatres and opera houses.

Great news for XYZ clients

“This is great news for our company and its clients,” enthusiastically notes Jacques Larue, partner at XYZ Cultural Technology. “There are many good lighting brands, but ETC really sets the bar high. They make sturdy products of excellent quality and their customer service is unmatched. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients this high-end option. Furthermore, we were able to convince ETC that we are a solid partner. Gaining access to such exclusive lighting products puts us in an excellent position to continue expanding our presence in the Québec market.”